The key to speed: Anticipation ...

When we study the truly elite - one thing that is almost immediately noticeable is that they tend to react more quickly than other people. The wrestler seems to snatch up that single leg in the blink of an eye - the table-tennis player returns that ball faster than the eye can see - the investment wiz seems to snap up that property just before the price sky-rockets beyond what others can afford, etc, etc.
But is it preternatural ‘speed’ or ‘reflexes’ at work here? I think not! What is really in play is the ability of those ‘above average’ performers to ‘anticipate’ what is going to happen rather than react to what has already happened. 
When we act to capitalise on what is GOING TO HAPPEN - it appears that we possess supernatural ‘speed’ - when we react to what has ALREADY HAPPENED - it appears that we are moving to slowly. 

This is something we should all think on … it is a skill that we can practiser and develop - in lots of areas - both on the mat and off. JBW


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