The Struggling Elite ...

Everyone struggles.
It is worth noting this. As it is easy to cast our eye around and be fooled - over and over again. The best athletes struggle - with motivation, with injury, with self-doubt, with drug-use, etc. The wealthiest people struggle - with trying to work out who their real friends are, with depression, with loneliness, with stress, anxiety, etc. The gifted struggle - with social convention, with fiscal irresponsibility, etc. Everyone struggles. 
There are high-profile people - people that many of us would label celebrities - who are masters of ‘keeping up appearances’ but who fail miserably at basic budgeting, at inter-personal relationships, at being healthy … or happy. What we see out there - when we ‘lift the curtain’ - is often not what the storybooks would promise us.
Here’s the takeaway … everyone struggles - but it is who we become in facing up to those struggles that shapes and moulds us into who we really are … 
Struggle is a part of life … it provides the resistance that can either make us … or break us. I say, embrace it … and prevail.



JiuJiu said…
I think it's important for everyone to decide what is worth the struggle. Some things I enjoy, but I won't struggle for: I play video games on EASY, I have zero interest in any struggle related to striking sports, and I don't care about becoming fluent in Korean.

Other things I'm on the fence about, and I'm not sure if they're totally worth the struggle: competition comes to mind.

Jiu jitsu falls into the "worth the struggle" category, as well as my health, my cat, and my relationships.

That self knowledge as to what is worth the struggle is equally as important as sticking with something. The idea of "quitting is never an option" - not unless you've realized that THAT THING is actually worth the struggle.

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