Action-oriented or 'Lotto-oriented'?

Luck is a word that is thrown around with more than it’s fair share of abandon. Someone once said that ‘Luck’ is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness. I kind of like that. Sure, pure luck does happen … but hoping for - or worse - relying on serendipitous windfalls to get somewhere in life - it the height of folly. I am a believer in ‘taking action’. Action gets you someplace - and that ‘motion’ may well open up even more possibilities along the way. Human beings are naturally ‘action-oriented’ beings … that is how our ancestors came to survive - even thrive - long enough to procreate and bear children. I have met my share of ‘lotto-minded’ people - usually they are the sorts of people that be-moan other people’s successes and cite ‘luckiness’ as the reason others pass them by. Society - and many of the social support systems we have in place - has made many people ‘soft’ - over -reliant on help from others - and unwilling to take action when it is called for. It is worthwhile remembering that our ancestors were (for the most part) hardy and resilient people - they were people who took action - who made things happen .. because they had to! An ‘action-oriented’ mentality or a ‘lotto-oriented’ mentality - it’s your choice to make. And it is a choice! JBW


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