The right thing ... at the right time!

When I first began my BJJ training, the challenge I had was that my instructor lived in Brazil - and I, in Geelong. Also, at that time, I was living day-to-day and so money was always an issue. At first, I thought this was a huge disadvantage - but as it turned out, it might have been a blessing.

The fact that it was so difficult for me to get answers to problems that arise in my practise (not having access to my instructor - also: pre-internet, etc) mean’t that I had to ‘think’ for myself. it also mean’t that when I did get manage to get to Brazil, or Los Angeles, I placed a very great value on those things I learned on the mat - perhaps a greater value than the students who lived right there, around the corner. Consequently, when I cam home, I would practise those fundamentals (again, perhaps more than my USA-based counterparts) because that’s all I had to work on. Sometimes, the right thing, at the right time .. the right technique, the right concept or strategy .. can far outweigh, learning techniques by the ‘pound’. So too, the right word, the right piece of advice … at the right time, can make all the difference when we are struggling with adversity. This, in any case, has been my experience. JBW


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