Wherever you are ...

One of my Laws of the Mat … is as follows:

Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be.

This is a simple but powerful idea. Think about it - no matter whether you are in ‘good’ position or ‘bad’ position - if you are there, you need to be working ‘from’ there - you need to not only ‘deal’ with it - because it represents the reality for you - but I would go further and suggest you find some ‘joy’ in being there. if you cannot do this, you are condemning yourself to only finding pleasure i rolling when you are winning/dominating. Let’s take this idea off the mat and into ‘life’ - there are many people who are experiencing happiness, say ‘on the weekend’ - this is a sad state of affairs. Wherever you are - whatever you are doing - find some joy, some simple pleasure - some learning opportunity. Life is very precious - we are all ‘experiencing’ - we are all ‘aware’ of our special existence - find happiness and luxuriate in the thought of it. Wherever you are - is exactly where you need to be. JBW 


Bob Burns said…
On the money as usual JW! The central foundation of our depression counselling asserts that it's not possible to miss out on what you need in life, as where you are is exactly where you need to be to develop and gain the insight/wisdom you need. Love your work John.
Best respect, Bob Burns

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