Problems are annoying - but Puzzles are fun ...

Let me repeat that; problems are annoying but puzzles are fun. And problems can be looked at in just this way - as puzzles. We all love games - or at least we used to when we were kids. We liked to solve puzzles, we loved to work things out - to peer inside and see how things worked. We poked the world to see what happened - stuff did happen; some good stuff and some bad stuff; but we all learned from the experience.
We are, in essence, problem-solvers. This is what BJJ is all about; it throws problems at us, each and every time we step onto the mat. It is challenging, sure; but we work stuff out. the more we solve problems, the more adept at problem solving we become. 

We all start out on wobbly legs - then we work stuff out. Next time you see a problem … try thinking of it as a puzzle. After all, you are a puzzle-solver! JBW


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