Struggle ...

Everyone struggles. If not now, then previously. If not before now, then perhaps in the future. Struggle is just a part of life. The trick is to prevail - to thrive - to be happy. 

But usually, ‘struggle’ is just a part of going about the business of living … when we walk up a steep hill, we might be struggling, but that doesn’t mean that life is bad. I make a distinction between ‘struggle’ and ‘real suffering’. Sometimes, life is a pleasant cruise, most times it requires some effort (struggle) - and at other times, we might find ourselves besieged by life-threatening pressures of one kind or another; but ‘struggle’ is ‘life’. It seems some people find it difficult to make the distinction between the struggle of daily life and ‘life-threatening’ situations. Such people might fly into a tirade because you didn’t take off as fast as they would have liked at the traffic lights … or their flight was delayed … or their toast was burnt. These things are petty annoyances - at best; perspective is something that most of us could do with a good healthy dose of on a regular basis. Embrace the struggle - struggle, after all, is what happens just before we experience success! JBW


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