Monday, April 27, 2015


Training Habits ...

Last night my sleep was interrupted b y smart TV’s automatically switching on (poltergeist style) several times throughout the night - in an effort to update their firmware. needless to say, today I googled the problem - ad have since turned off that lovely feature! But … to my point …

After that crappy night, not helped by overloading too heavily on my super-special secret potato and egg salad last night - I really didn’t feel like hitting my tabata workout this morning. But a mixture of sucking it up - and the fact that a few friends of mine slid by to join me - I went along and completed the 40 rounds of grind! This is just one of those times where buddying-up on the challenge, gets the job done. if you haven’t done so already - get yourself a training buddy - a diet buddy - an investment buddy - etc. it’s great to have someone there pushing you to stay on-mission at those times where you just feel like hitting the bench. JBW

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