One of the velcro patches on my travel bag has, at time, elicited some interest … it simply reads: EMBRACE THE SUCK. It’s one of my favourite’s …

At time life Sucks … for some, immeasurable;y more than for others - we need to keep things in perspective. When I hear people saying, ‘I’m starving’ or ‘It was a total nightmare!’ - pause and reflect on how ‘real’ starvation is being experienced by millions of people the world over; or how some people are actually living a ‘real’ nightmare - right now, at the this very moment … perspective!

However, in varying degrees, life does suck at time, for every single one of us. My advice - COPE! Oft times we just need to Suck up the Suck! This week, I am having very bad jet lag … wanting to sleep when I should be awake and visa versa. On top of that, Mondays Tabata session has left me sore - and I am carrying a couple of minor injuries. So, some minor Suck is in play … but to let any of that pull me ‘off mission’ - is unacceptable. In training ourselves, to Embrace the Suck - to run eagerly toward the obstacles that life puts in our way, is a great way to train ourselves for that time when we will really need our fortitude and perseverance to get through something serious.

The Suck will come - with regularity - EMBRACE IT! And learn to prevail. JBW


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