One Mind - two ideas ...

Sometimes, life (and the mat) requires us to be adaptable. Flexibility in our thinking, allows us to see opportunities that we may otherwise not have seen. 
On the flip side; life (and the mat) requires that we forge ahead with intent; remain focussed on a particular goal, and get the job done, regardless! Someone driven by serious intent, is a force to be reckoned with. 
Consider this though - both (seemingly opposing strategies) have the advantages but they also come with a price-tag: forever adapting/changing - often leaves us with no direction/purpose … and we can wake up one day and realise we have achieved very little. On the other hand, too much focus on a single goal, and we can bypass opportunities/goals that are perhaps better than our original goal.

The real trick - and it is not necessarily easy - is to embody both mindsets - at any given moment. As Miyamoto Musashi wrote - Rat’s Head - Oxes’s Neck. Consider this carefully.  - JBW


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