Re-post: tactical discrimination

We have all heard the expression - 'don't discriminate' - but seriously, this kind of thinking is what binds people to mediocrity, what leads people to obesity, etc. Not discriminating when it comes to who we spend time with is just like not discriminating between the different kinds of things we can eat; like not discriminating between the different kinds of martial arts we could practise; like not discriminating between different approaches to exercise; between different investments to make; between cars to drive, houses to live in, movies to watch, books to read, etc, etc. Discriminating in regards to the kind of people we want to spend our precious time with may be the most useful kind of discriminating we can do; being selective in this regard can dramatically effect the way our life unfolds. We do discriminate, all of us - and we do so at every turn - but think on this ... do we discriminate where it really, really counts?


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