Get ahead of the Curve

In the antipodes at least, we are over 'winter's hump'. Each day now, is a little longer than the last. A couple of months and spring will be upon us. In winter, I don't think it's the drop in temperature so much, that puts a certain percentage of people off training; I think it's the fact that they have arrived home from work and when it comes time to leave again for training - it's dark outside. Most people seem more motivated to do stuff during daylight hours; with night-time being relegated to staying cosy, eating an evening meal, watching some TV, then hitting the sack. When it's still light outside it occurs to most people that there is still 'time' to fit in some extra activity ... ie: training. That middle month of winter is hardest; when the light fades not long after our working day ends. Spring, usually heralds a big upswing in activity; and by the start of summer, many people make the decision to 'get fit' for summer ... and so many schools enjoy big increases in attendance as we hit october/november. But I recommend this ... GET AHEAD OF THE CURVE. Get going now - in winter, whilst the others are still in hibernation. By summertime, nice gains will be realised ... and you'll be way ahead of the pack. - JBW


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