Not minding that it hurts ...

My favourite scene from the old classic ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ … 

In the movie, Lawrence puts a lit match out with a squeeze of his fingers - and when one of his fellow officers attempts to repeat the feat - he yelps and exclaims … ‘that hurts!’
‘Of course it hurts’ replies Lawrence. 
‘Well, then, what’s the trick?’ asks the officer.
To which, Lawrence replies ‘The trick William Potter - is not minding that it hurts.’

When people state that you need to be super fit and ‘talented’ to train hard … I am always reminded of that particular scene. Training is hard for everyone; training is never easy; even for the ‘fit’ and ‘talented’ .. it’s just that the experienced and competent have a ‘trick’ - they don’t ‘mind’ that it’s difficult! - JBW


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