The filter that blinds ...

I learned this a long time ago … and I consider it a ‘truth’. Our mind does a wonderful job of filtering out all the information that is of no immediate use to us. In other word - it filters out ‘most’ of the available information. Luckily this is the case - otherwise we would be bombarded and overloaded on a sensory level. So it is a good thing in a way.
This though, is the important part … we need to identify and clarify - in our own minds - what IS actually important to us; and then, and only then, will our ‘wonderful filter’ allow us to ‘see’ the pieces of the puzzle we need to bring our desires/goals into ‘reality’. 
We decide we want to build a BBQ - and it’s amazing how we suddenly (serendipitously) start seeing bricks everywhere we go. We buy a new car - and suddenly we start seeing the same model at every intersection … 

This is NOT the universe ‘manifesting’ what we need … the bricks, the cars, were always there … they were just unimportant and therefore went ‘unnoticed’ until we assigned importance to them. What is it you want? What is important to you? get the picture … see the pieces. - JBW


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