Work Ethic ...

Talented people - I have seen them come and go by the score; as a consequence I don’t rate so-called ‘natural talent’ very highly. What I do rate highly - is strong ‘work ethic’. 

I was never very fussy about what I needed to do to make ends meet; I have been a garbage man (great job btw) - a deckhand for a fisherman, a labourer, a factory worker, etc - I did what needed to be done at the time. This work-ethic, nurtured by my parents, has served me very well with my training. ‘Work ethic’ is something each of us can choose do embrace - we don’t need to be born with it; we don’t need anyone else to give it to us … we can just choose to ‘get the job done’ - no matter how difficult or unappealing. I rate a strong work ethic as one of the most important traits to develop to achieve success in life - no matter how you care to define it. JBW


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