First you - then them - then everyone.

A friend of mine, Frank, and I were chatting about this idea today. When we first come to martial arts, it is often from a desire to better ourselves … to learn skills, to become fitter, to become more confident and self-assured. Once we have reaped those important benefits - then what? Ideally, we would then try to effect similar improvements in the lives of those close to us - namely our family and inner-circle of friends; we would want to improve their lives as well as our own. After that … the next obvious step is that we try to bring some meaningful and positive change to the wide world. If asked ‘is the world a better place for us having lived in it?’ - we would hope the answer resound in the affirmative. Firstly ourselves - then our family - and the everyone else. Martial arts practise should drive us in such directions. - JBW


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