Drilling Deep ...

Exploration is can be about ‘ranging far’, exploring new ground, checking out what’s over the hill … or it can be about ‘drilling deep’, covering the ground you think you know well
, in much, much more detail.
I love both ideas. But I must say, drilling deep has become more and more my personal preference. 
After I got my Black Belt, my coach Rigan Machado suggested that I begin my BJJ training all over again .. and look, with my new ‘Black Belt brain’, at each and every technique I thought I knew. What a great way to set me along the path of ‘nuance’ and ‘detail’. I owe Rigan a huge debt …

After I got my Black Belt, he started me off, next lesson with the basic ‘upa’ (bridging escape from mount) and pointed out details I (apparently) had missed over ten years of training … yikes. And so I re-began my journey … for the second time and I began ‘drilling deep’ on each and every technique - both familiar and unfamiliar from that moment forward.  There may be new stuff to see over that hill - for sure - but there is also plenty to be unearthed right here, under our very noses. - JBW


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