Getting back on track ...

This is something not often spoken about … but I feel it is one of the most powerful and transformative traits we can develop. 
We all fall ‘off mission’ from time to time - some with regularity bordering on routine - we fall off our eating pattern, away from our training routine, off this or that good habit …. and that’s okay, because ‘life’ often get’s in the way … we get a cold and miss out on a few nights or a few weeks of training - we have a party and find ourselves scoffing down platefuls of cake … etc - but that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker … outré ability to ‘get back on track’ will see us to ‘rights’ in short order. 

Develop the powerful habit of getting back ‘on mission’ - and you will lead a better, healthier and more joy-filled life. - JBW


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