Impression or Detail ...

My teaching style is one that leans heavily in favour of detail and nuance … but that is because of who am, where I am in my life and my natural love of ‘process’ and ‘problem solving’. I have good friends though, who take a very different approach - they are more about ‘concept’ and explain things in an ‘impressionistic’ sort of way. Both approaches have their strengths and weaknesses … and of course, the ideal is that we experience both ways of looking at something new. If all that mattered was detail then we would all stick with photography and ignore artists like Monet. Sometimes it’s good to start with one approach and finish with the other … or visa versa. For example - get the ‘bones’ of a technique or idea sketched out - if you like what you see/feel - then begin fleshing it out, adding detail and understanding. JBW


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