Lame Advice ...

I have heard lots of advice over the course of my life - but when I think back as to how much of it really, really, helped … the answer is somewhat disappointing. 
I think there is a need to make a very important distinction when talking about ‘advice’ - and it is this: there is a very big difference between telling someone what they should do - and how they should do it. Case in point: AVOID WINDSCREEN DAMAGE (a common Australian road sign) - well, to the bright-spark that came up with that one, I say ‘NO *#**#!!# KIDDING!’ I know I should want to avoid windscreen damage - that goes without saying - what the sign should perhaps convey is this … HOW TO ACHIEVE THE AVOIDANCE OF WINDSCREEN DAMAGE … in other words SLOW DOWN!

Here’s some other less-than-effective advice - BE HAPPY, BE HEALTHY, PUT HIM BACK IN THE GUARD, PASS HIS GUARD … no kidding! I would much, much rather hear HOW to achieve those things … I already know, like all of us, these are things I want to do. I am trying to weave this philosophy into all of my teaching these past few couple of years - and am getting better and faster results. There is a monumental difference between the WHAT and the HOW … JBW


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