Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Letting Time Pass ...

Sometimes, the best thing to do, is to wait …
This is very counter-intuitive to people of action; nevertheless, often, allowing time to pass, is the best course to take …
Rolling this morning, working butterfly guard, I secure on overbook control on my partner - his far hand was posted (at some distance) - - I waited, holding the position for maybe five seconds, then as he moved his hand - I secured it and completed the sweep. A little waiting, cinched the deal.
These last few days have seen the Chinese stock market in free fall - one penguin fell of the iceberg and all the other penguins must have thought he was onto something, and so followed suit. The Australian stock market also plummeted - and thousands of people are lamenting the huge loss to the value of their life savings … but again, in this instance, I am inclined to wait … a few months and it will be all back where it was before that drunken penguin fell of the iceberg. Time passing cures many things.
Someone does us wrong and our instinct urges us to embark on a course of retaliation … but let a little time pass; and their wrongdoing takes on a little more perspective - there are a million wrongs in the world today, perhaps that inflicted on us doesn’t actually rate that highly. Time passing gives perspective. - JBW

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