The Jigsaw Key ...

If we get to see the picture on the front of the box that the Jigsaw Puzzle comes in - the job of solving it is made all that much easier. No box … then the process becomes way more challenging.

Unfortunately, for the majority of us learning BJJ - we are all trying to collect the pieces of the puzzle (techniques/concepts) and then we try to figure out how they relate to one another (over time). As a professional coach, I am always trying to clump/group things together in meaningful way - a way that makes sense from the very outset … thereby shortcutting the puzzling process. Eg: a clarification on of the relationship between Single Leg, High-C and Double Leg - is most definitely worth doing, before spending too much time on any of those techniques (individually). That way we can and appreciate the over-lapping elements common to all of those ‘shots’ .. so as we develop our skill with one, we are also laying a foundation to improve the others. I will talk more about this idea in the near future. Seeing the ‘front of the box’ - is very helpful - rather than seeing each piece as an isolated and individual element. - JBW


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