It’s easy to spout off slogans full of words like, integrity, honour, respect, loyalty, etc … but in my, nearly six decades on  this spinning globe, I have come to realise that there are few people who really, truly, live by the words they so effortlessly utter. There are many who will smile to your face; call you dear friend, but be white-anting away behind your back. There are many who offer help despite having other, more sinister intentions in their hearts. many of us will be fooled through the course of our lives, sometimes, more than once … but don’t ever become overly cynical because the world is also inhabited by people of sincerity and generous heart; usually such people don’t make a big noise about their ‘integrity, their respect of others or their honour … they are just there when it really counts. Such people make life worth living … they are the invisible angels who inspire those who know who they are, to better their own footprint in the world. Over time, each of us will come to learn, who’s who in the zoo … JBW


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