Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Beyond our means ...

I was chatting with Rigan Machado about this today …
Personally, I am one for pushing the envelope - I always have been. I have made many a rash decision in my lifetime; sometimes it all worked out well; other times, I paid a large price. So perhaps, I am unqualified to offer the following advice … but here it goes: very often, it is well to work within our capabilities - particularly if there are very bad consequences for not doing so. Be easy on ourselves - start out a new exercise regime in a way that is sustainable - same goes for a new eating pattern - same goes for taking up running, etc.

Living beyond our means to the point where we find ourselves struggling under an unmanageable amount of credit-card debt is another example of how easy it is for life to go ‘pear-shaped’ simply because we didn’t fully appreciate certain ‘limits’. To quote a famous Clint Eastwood line “A man should know his limitations” … so agin, although I am unqualified to offer that advice myself … I think it is worth pondering.  - JBW

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