Nature's Whisper ...

Nature knows. Spring has begun - at least here in the antipodes. Look carefully and you'l notice flowers and plants starting to bud. Animals (in nature) are also shaking off the lethargy of winter and are showing signs of increased activity. And as we are also part of nature, we too feel the subtle whisper of a call to action. Spring always marks the beginning of and increase in training activity for many people; those who obey 'nature's whisper' get an early start to 'summer fitness' and an upsurge in skill before the calendar year comes to an end. Now is the time; just pay attention to those subtle 'whispers' and get underway with a commitment to training. Our annual Gathering (underway this weekend in Melbourne) is the perfect excuse to be a part of something bigger than ourselves; an opportunity to shake off the winter doldrums and get underway for a summer pay-off. new Year's resolutions are made in the summer but they best one's, the one's that work, are conceived of, in Springtime. Pay heed to nature's whisper. - JBW


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