Rejuvenation ...

What rejuvenates you? For each of us, it is something different. For me, the most rejuvenating experience is a trek into the wilderness. I have done a lot of this over the past three decades … including many trips to the remote Kimberley’s, the headwaters of many of new Zealand’s backcountry rivers, the outer reaches of Mongolia, some remote drop-offs to some uninhabited islands in the pacific, island hopping by canoe off the northernmost tip of Australia, dozens of trips into the moonscape of the central plateau of Tasmania; ten days of adventure in uncharted Arnhem-land; off-trail hiking in the Sierra Nevada’s in Southern California … just to name a few. 
I love being out there - with everything I need on my back - up close and personal with pristine nature at it’s finest. A detox, if you like - from the fast-paced, ultra-convenient, technology-driven world we inhabit on a daily basis. 
What rejuvenates you?



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