A little help ...

We can get by with a little help from our friends … so said the Beatles! When we give a little help to our friends - it makes their lives a little easier and our lives all the richer for being able to help someone else.

In helping others though - I no longer expect the favour to be necessarily returned; I used to think that this is how it all worked - but I have been very wrong on more than one occasion. Some people see a helping hand as a sign of weakness; and will try to take advantage of you whenever they can … this has happened to me more than once. I was shocked at the time - and have quietly distanced myself from such people since … but there is a lesson here - and it is simple … be okay with helping others but don’t expect reciprocation; if it does happen … then you know you have found a real friend … but just don’t expect it. My great pal David Meyer once said ‘giving is giving - helping is helping - it’s not business, it’s not a trade. Expect nothing in return.’ Something to that effect anyways … he’s smart guy; a very moral person. Once we have tended to our own garden .. we can help others with theirs. JBW


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