All roads lead to Rome .... a BJJ concept.

Here’s a concept I have loved for a very long time. My BJJ Instructor, Rigan Machado, took this particular approach in teaching me … I will now share it with you.
Take any technique or position - let’s say - the Crucifix, for example - no matter how many ‘finishes’ we can apply from the Crucifix position, we can apply none of them if we cannot get to the Crucifix position in the first place. So the trick is this; at the beginning of our Crucifix journey - we need to keep our focus on developing as many ways to get to the Crucifix position as we can - from passing, from the Guard, from the turtle, from head to head, etc. The more ways we can get to the Crucifix position, the more opportunities we will have to apply our preferred finish. This is what I call the ‘all roads leads to Rome’ approach. 

Sp rather than one road into the crucifix position and eight or ten finishes from there - it is better value to develop eight or ten roads into the Crucifix and a single finish. Of course, over time, it is natural to develop more finishes from there - but these will be of little to no use if we cannot even get there. All roads lead to Rome … JBW


Unknown said…
I love this concept, so many times people want to learn a hundred finishes from a position and they struggle getting to that position. The more ways you can funnel you opponent to a strong position the better you will do.

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