Teaching tricks ...

I am often asked about various teaching/coaching methodologies - especially by other coaches, etc ... and it is very difficult, if not impossible to reduce my thoughts on that vast and deep subject to a four or five minute timeframe. Putting that to the side however, I do think there is perhaps one vital thread that should run through almost any teaching approach, and it is this ... passion! If we are there for the notoriety or fame - for the money - for the adoration of the students - then our teaching career will no doubt be short-lived and filled with frustration. If however, we are there because we are genuinely excited by what we do, and we passionately want to share our experience and perspectives with others - if our focus remains resolutely pointed at helping others improve - then ultimately, we cannot fail. We are, after all, student and teacher alike, there because we share a common interest. A passionate and resolute desire to help others improve, in my view, lies at the very heart of what it means to be a teacher. JBW


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