A Failure of Words ...

A very large part of how we communicate ... how we connect to one another, is through the use of words ... this is a wonderful contrivance of humanity, although disappointingly, it also fails miserably on many occasions.
I have written close to 1000  blogs as of now, and have read every comment on those blogs/posts - and although, as I write, I am very clear on what I am tying to convey, I am still amazed at how frequently what I have written is misinterpreted. 

Words alone don’t do the trick. They go a long way but fall short of complete communication. On the mat, things are easier, we have words but we also have the kinaesthetic and visual elements in play - we can feel and see what is happening. How many friendships have gone off the rails due to miscommunication? How many learning opportunities wasted - for the same reason? How many wars waged? Etc. Words are important, perhaps the greatest achievement of human technology … but actions, now they are another thing entirely. Ponder one of my favourite latin quotes … Acta non verbal’ … Actions rather than words. JBW


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