Sunday, November 01, 2015


Dancing in the rain ....

A very strange (and upsetting) week for me .. so I’ll continue to share my feelings in the hope others might benefit … 

I have always defined myself by how I have responded to those things life has thrown at me - and never by what has happened to me. This week though, I have had a glimpse of how it must feel for people to define themselves by what has happened to them. We cannot though, allow ourselves to slip into that river … the current is both strong and directional. NO - we should never define ourselves by things that ‘happen’ to us - particularly if those ‘happening’ were not due to choices we make. Everyone of us has had to deal with their share of hardship/misfortune, etc - but this is just like ‘weather’ … and always remember; we can still dance in the rain! Best wishes all - JBW

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