Fools Gold

‘BJJ is all about technique’ - says the Instructor with the syringe still dripping in his locker. Sadly, drug use (or should I say - cowardly cheating) is rampant, not only in the AFL - but in many other pursuits - even lifestyle-pursuits like BJJ.
BJJ, for me at least - as I hark from the old-school - is about a way to live - about healthy lifestyle - about respecting our body and our mind - what it is not about - is pumping unhealthy steroids and the like into ourselves to boost our flailing ego’s and get an edge on the mat. These practises go against everything that BJJ is all about … instead, choose the work, choose the struggle - steer clear of short-cuts and unhealthy choices. And seriously, it is how we live our lives - how we can extract the most joy out of living - how we can help others along the way … these things are more important than taking drugs so we can get a competitive/combative edge of our peers … seriously?? Rather … live a strong, pure, healthy, productive and generous life …



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