Monday, November 23, 2015


Sometimes we need to listen ...

Sometimes we need to ignore advice and other times we need to listen - knowing when to do what; now that is the trick!
Ramping up my rehab program this week ... been undertaking a great walk in the local hills (introduced to me by friend Craig) for the last three days. Yesterdays time: 1 hour 15 mins - today's: 1 hour 2 mins - tomorrow will try to go sub 60 mins! Steady-state cardio for the next three weeks - then back into Tabata (anaerobic protocols). Need to chill a little whilst post-op healing takes hold - hard though, excited to be on the mat this week; excited to be heading to New Zealand on friday; excited about makeover my Academy is getting whilst I am away ... challenging to be chilled. JBW

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All the best with the rehab Sir and Thank you for the posts, very much appreciated.

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Guy "the bearded white belt" 9:05 am

Good luck with the rehab professor and I look forward to more of your advice and teachings in the future.

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