Nine Lives ...

Every single day, it should go without saying, represents an opportunity to re-invent yourself. You do not have to wait until New year's Eve to make those promises to yourself that serve to re-orient your life compass. But as we are right there, almost at the pointy end of the year, it is as good a time as any to 'decide' the ways you are going to improve your life, in 2016. The use of a Cat in my Academy logo is an oblique reference to the concept of having 'nine lives' - or more accurately, multiple opportunities for self-re-invention. Who we are, how we define and deign ourselves, changes as we make our way through life. What's important to us changes, our circle of friends changes, our goals change. At any time though, having those goals in mind serves as a starting point - but there's the thing - you need to 'pull the trigger' - you need to take action ... it is action, that gets us there in the end. Action - immersing ourselves in the process ... you are always only a 'thought' away from taking that first step - that step that puts you on the path that will lead to the unfolding of the 'new improved' you. Have a great holiday ... best respect: JBW


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