Think back ...

When a new academy member joins the class ... try to think back to what it was like for you yourself. It can for some people, require an immense amount of courage to come and start up at a martial arts school. Perhaps they have suffered a beating (or beatings) at home or in the street before coming along, and are there to build their self esteem and learn some self defence ... perhaps they have been thinking about it for years and have finally summoned up the gumption to walk to see what it's all about. If this is the case, as it often is, the very last thing they need is YET ANOTHER BEATING! 

What they do need, like a child learning to ride a bike, is a set of training wheels, some flat lawn and a sunny day ... you represent those very things. Be the newbies set of training wheels ... help guide them toward success. JBW


Guy "the bearded white belt" said…
I actually pulled out of my first class as I had a sudden anxiety attack (so I stayed on the couch in my gi) but when I finally went the following week, I told the story to a fellow student who also told me a similar story of his first lesson - although he actually made it to the carpark of the gym before going home. Now we are good rolling buddies who choke each other out on the mats all the time. Thanks professor for another great post.
Guy (the bearded white belt)

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