Unstoppableness ... made up word of the day.

Work ethic ... very necessary to get where you want to get to in life. It is easy to have work ethic when doing those things we love doing, so in a way, it could perhaps be argued that we are not 'working' if we are doing the thing or things we love doing. Work ethic, to me though, describes our approach to 'doing' ... just that ... whether we want to be doing that thing or not. If we are trading our time to do something (and of course, we always are) then we should attend to it fully and mindfully until the job is done - and done well. People who get things done all have a strong work ethic ... unless of course, luck or good fortune has plonked success in their lap (it does happen). Like any habit, a strong work ethic is something that can be cultivated. So cultivate away ... start small, build over time ... ‘unstoppableness’ (made up word of the day) is the reward. JBW


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