Doing our best ...

Each one of us is doing our best.

Our best on the mat - our best in life. We each have the opportunity to be rich … and I mean rich in the only way it really matters … the living of 
a rich life. A life filled with rich and meaningful relationships, a life filled with rich endeavour … a life replete with adventure and happiness.
Every single human being sees the world and their place within it, from a different point of view - from their own point of view - which is unique and singular. There is no ‘one path’, there are in fact an infinite number of paths that can ‘unfold’ before us as we continue to make our choices, embrace our thinking, guess, risk carefully, risk with abandon, decide, choose or 'coin-flip’ our way forward.

Most of the choices we make can prove to be instructional; and so if we are open to it, our choices become better and our direction more certain as we continue doing our very best.



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