Order from Chaos …

The mat can seem like a chaotic environment, particularly to the newbie. trying to make sense out of all that chaos, can be challenging indeed. There is ‘order’ there though, it just isn’t easy to see when you first start out.

The way to begin is to find a single ‘position’ where you can ‘slow things down’, take a breath and look at what’s happening. Once you can do that, it’s like you have made your way out of the sea and onto a small island. Relief!

Then, you look into the distance, and you see another island. You swim (through the chaos) to crawl up onto a new shore. Two islands in the sea - your world just got a little bigger.
What’s that over there? Another island! And so it goes. One day, there will be more islands than there is water in your BJJ world. 

Order from chaos. Time and practise!



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