Spotlight on …

As we live in a world that is so very full of distractions and shiny objects, pulling our attention here, there and everywhere - it is sometimes good to be reminded of the benefits of ‘staying focussed’ on one particular thing at a time.

This is how results are gleaned on the mat (and in life actually) - we choose a theme and we work on it for a bit until we make progress. Keeping our mental spotlight firmly focussed on a topic allows us to ‘delve deep’ - identify the challenges, and perhaps begin the task of overcoming those challenges, one at a time. This is how development is done. 

The obvious question is this: how long duo we stay focussed on a particular theme? I think the answer to that question will vary greatly, depending on who you are, what level you are at and how much time you can spend on training each week. A professional athlete who spends his 20-30 hours on the mat each week, can definitely delve a lot deeper in a given topic on a given month , than can an office-worker who trains twice a week. But regardless of who you are - this might be a good way to approach it … if you are experiencing consistent gains on any topic, don’t stop whatever you are doing … as soon as you begin to experience diminishing returns … find yourself a new topic. This has long been my approach and has served me well enough.

So … try keeping your mental spotlight focussed on a given topic for a couple of weeks; make notes, pay attention to detail and reap the benefits. Best wishes: JBW


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