Wednesday, February 24, 2016


We are not our past ...

We have arrived here from our past - but we should never let our past define who we are today. We can choose to bring those qualities from our former selves, that we like - and that can be useful in the way we live our lives in the present - but we can also shed those aspects of ourselves that are no longer useful or that we no longer like.
A pathway walked, is just that, a path once walked - in the present day our feet are on a new path - and the direction that new path takes is of our own choosing. The old can be good - it can also be irrelevant - each of us has to decide which parts of our former puzzle we preserve into our future and which parts we shed ... every day is an opportunity for re-invention. - JBW
Here's on oldie of a younger me working the bag ... penniless, often wondering where my next meal was coming from - but happy as a clam! Embarrassing clothing ...

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