Interesting ...

Interesting things are, well, interesting …

I like interesting people, interesting things, interesting problems and puzzles. I like the way my thinking is forced down unfamiliar pathways when I stumble across an ‘interesting’ object, an interesting situation or an interesting person. And that in itself, is interesting.

Being drawn to the interesting isn’t always the best pathway forward in a survival situation; what is that scaly, hissing thing you ask? I wonder what it feels like - you think; just seconds before it bites you on the hand. Playing with interesting things can often lead to an early death. Not a good survival trait; being intensely curious. I guess that might explain why the dull and uninterested generally lived long enough to procreate and make more uninterested and dull people. The world sure has it’s fair share of those.

But … although being intensely curious about the ‘interesting’ might have been a liability for the early-survivor (our ancient ancestors) - nowadays, this is rarely the case. 

Most of us sought out interesting things as kids - then we went to school. A bit harsh perhaps, but I remember numerous occasions where I was punished for being overly curious about what teachers said/taught? Other times I was punished for not finding things interesting enough … again, that to me is interesting in itself. I didn’t like school much - but I did love learning. The two things often seemed incompatible to me. So I made my own way instead. 

Certainly BJJ provides enough complexity and depth to be extraordinarily interesting. A never-ending supply of puzzles to solve … perhaps this is why it is so very addictive - to the right kind of people; those people who thrive on discovery, problem-solving, and who are inexorably drawn to the interesting.



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