Prioritise - then raise the bar.

Somethings are important to us, some are less so, and some, not at all. It is useful to make distinctions in this way; because then we know how to best spend our time and where to place our attention.

We naturally do this in the wider aspect of our lives: family may be more important than playtime/hobbies; playtime/hobbies more important than gardening; gardening more important than how close we place our trash bins to the curb for collection … some stuff is important, others less so, and so on.

Then we can thin-slice just one of these aspects and do the same thing. We point our attention to our BJJ training and think that maybe our guard development is more important than ours passing (or vica versa); our passing more important than out turtle defence; our turtle defence more important than our omoplata escapes, and so on.

As our ability to focus our attention is, by definition, a limited thing; I find it very worthwhile to prioritise where I point my attention at any given time. Where we point our attention, is where the gains happen. So be discerning - both on and off the mat. - JBW


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