Talent ...

It is a part of my personal mission to instil people with talent. In fact, I’ll go one step further; my personal mission is to imbue ordinary people with extra-ordinary talent. Almost anyone can acquire extraordinary talent by simply putting in an extraordinary amount of time. Hit ten thousand golf balls off the tee and you’ll be able to hit a golf ball a long way; go fly-fishing 300 days a year and you’ll catch plenty of trout, guaranteed; roll on the mat for 30 hours a week and in a year or two, having done more training than most people will do in their lifetime it would be no surprise to find yourself standing on the podium.

It’s easy; time spent, equates to talent acquired. The good thing about this is that pretty much anyone can do it; anyone can achieve (within reason) most things they want; if they want it badly enough and are prepared to make Talent
The bad thing is that this precludes most people from experiencing the extraordinary. But I say, there is a middle road.

I think that extraordinary talent can be earned and achieved by being smarter in our approach to those things we want. For example; there is no need to be a fit ness fanatic and live in the gym to achieve ‘well above-average’ fitness. By doing the right kind of training, in conjunction with the right kind of diet, great results can be enjoyed without needing to give up our day-job and set up camp in the gym.

Most of us have talent at one thing or another; but developing the ability to learn effectively, I rate as one of the best talents I ever acquired. Learning ‘how to learn’ affords us the opportunity to make the most out of those opportunities that life throws our way.



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