Toes Together ...

The way we think influences the way we act … everyone knows this. But what is interesting to me is that the opposite also often proves to be the case … the way we act, can change and shape the way we think.

I have personally experienced this in my own life. If we act and behave a certain way - and do so consistently and over time - then our thinking can change to match that behaviour. I am sure there is some wonderful explanation for why this is the case - probably something to do with neuro-plasticity or some such thing … but it is definitely worth paying attention to.

As a BJJ instructor, I have woven this idea into my teaching methodology for a long time now. For example: when I ask my students to perform simple tasks (say during the warm-up phase of the class) I have them perform those tasks with exacting attention to detail … ‘toes together’ means ‘toes exactly together/lined up perfectly’ - rather than kind of/sort of together. 

While the alignment of our toes in this hypothetical task, is physically irrelevant; after only a short while of being asked to work in this fashion, students begin to think in ‘detail’ … they are more receptive to the concept of paying close attention to detail … they become detail ‘oriented’. 

You get the idea. 

On the mat - and so too off the mat. Leveraging into life.



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