Acta non Verba ..

Changing the opinion and belief of others via the use of reason and evidence (or violence for that matter) is a surprisingly ineffective strategy. One would think that reason and evidence were an obvious way to get our point across … after all, w;re all open (even hopeful) of having our minds changed, right? Wrong!
People will fight tooth and nail for their beliefs and ideologies. Reason and evidence are like jabs and fakes; they set the scene but are rarely responsible for the coup de grace.
I think we change opinion through actions - not words. And I don’t think this is any way a new idea … consider the old latin saying ‘Acta non Verba’ - actions not words.
We set example though our behaviours; by how we live. Are we congruent in the way we live; do our actions match our words?
This is one of life’s worthy goals - to bring our actions and the way we live into complete harmony with the words that come out of or mouths (keyboards).
If we are spouting words like integrity and honour, while we are undermining others - we are living a lie. If we are talking about generosity and respect, while we are tight-fisted and bad-mouthing others - we are living a lie. If we talk about excellence, whilst we are sloppy and unmindful in our day-to-day living - we are living a lie.
The goal is simple … more congruence equals better living. Work toward a life where words and actions are in full accord.


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