Behind the curtain ...

We choose. We decide. We look around us, at others, we select those that are successful and we might well make the decision to emulate them. We pick 'role models'.
Great care should be taken however - in who we select as 'role models'. On the surface, some people people may look like the type we might wish to emulate - but when we look deeper - when we lift the curtain - we find ourselves disappointed.
Consider how we worship 'celebrities' - we lap up their lives, in an effort to feed our souls and dream that we may be like them - yet when we look more closely and apply critical thinking ... we see that more often than not, it's a nightmare we are leaning toward, rather than a dream.
Aspire to 'lifting the curtain', I say ... look beyond the glitter, the salesmanship, the 'production' ... become more discerning about who we want to 'model'. - JBW


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