Stress ... the way forward!

Stress is not good - it’s the stress-response that is good!

When we place stress on our musculature, we are uncomfortable - it doesn’t feel good. But then the brain/body does it’s adaptation-thing and our musculature changes (e.g.: gets stronger) in order to cope with that stress when it comes again. 

The same goes for all kinds of biological (also read: neurological) stimuli … we get a small dose of that vaccine (disease) and it triggers a response that builds/improves our immune system (immune response). When people talk crap about you on the internet, over time you develop an immune response, and become more emotionally robust. 

On the mat, we get squashed, arm-barred, choked - but over time, develop the ability to stave off these things and survive - even prevail. What was once extraordinarily ‘uncomfortable’ becomes ‘palatable’. We develop ‘toughness’. 

In short, you need a dose of the ‘bad stuff’ in order to get the ‘good stuff’. So next time, you experience discomfort/stress, remember, that you are essentially an ‘adaptive’ machine - and the ‘good’ stuff will soon follow.



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