We evolve ...

As life unfolds - we all change. 
Out reasons for doing the things we do, also change.

When I began my martial arts training, I trained in the hope I would develop magical powers that would see me prevail over the bullies that were making my life a living hell.

My training continued because I liked the feeling of confidence that came with my gradual development as a martial artist. I enjoyed feeling of being more sure of myself; I wanted to walk upright in the world.

Later on I wanted to be emulate some of my martial arts heroes; I saw them for more than what they actually were, and felt if I could be like them, that I would live an extraordinary life.

Later still, I continued training for the pure challenge of it. If it wasn’t easy, I was drawn to it. The puzzle of it all fascinated me. The more deeply I delved, the more I discovered; and quite abruptly, I realised that it was the intellectual challenge that really fascinated me.

Nowadays I train for a set of reasons that differ greatly from those that initially drove me. 

I love the puzzles. I love drawing analogies between the complexity of martial arts training/learning/study and the living of life. I love creating order out of chaos. I love designing structured training models. I love leading others to learning and to an understanding of things. I love seeing things; noticing details, and revelling in the process of discovery. I love achieving outcomes through the art of teaching. I love the opportunity of being able to effect positive changes in how people view and live their lives through the sharing some of my own more meaningful discoveries. 

As we go through life we all change, grow and evolve; and although many of us may be fortunate enough to maintain a passionate pursuit throughout the course of our lifetime, our reasons for entertaining those pursuits will also change and evolve over time. There is wonderful joy in change. 



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