What made all the difference ...

On the mat: Realising the importance of ‘process’ and ‘paying attention to detail’. To realise any goal, we need to work a ‘process’ and each step in any process is vital to achieving the next. Keeping our attention focussed on the end-game or goal is a sure-fire way to miss the step-by-step detail of the process we need to follow, to get there. The steps of a process are like pixels in a photo - the more steps, the higher the resolution.
The dark arts (money stuff): Understanding the importance of delaying gratification.The main difference between rich and poor is the ability to delay gratification in anticipation of greater rewards down the road. As the old saying goes - “Don’t eat your seed-corn”. And if you insist on having it all right now - remember this - Debt is just delayed poverty. it’s not about how much you earn - it’s about how you utilise what you earn in a smart way.
Relationships: Without doubt the single most important decision you can make in life is in deciding/choosing who to spend it with. The right person should be a ‘partner’ - in that they bring things to the table that you cannot - and vice versa. The right person should be your best friend. You should feel that when you are with the right person you are a better version of yourself than you otherwise would be.
Perspective: We have one life to live. it is amazing that we are even here. Consider this: every single one of your ancestors (running back to the beginning of life on this planet) succeeded in staying alive, long enough to procreate. Wow! And so, he we stand; the result of a mathematical miracle ... and time continues to pass; the sand runs through the hourglass as I write this, and as you read it. What we exchange those precious grains of sand for, is a very, very important decision. You cannot get even one grain of sand back, once it has fallen. Spent each and every one wisely.
Who we hang with: In deciding who we spend time with, we shape our lives and the way they are likely to unfold. Be discerning; choose wisely. - JBW


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