1000th blog ... longevity

Many really great things are often only accomplished … over time. While this seems like an overly obvious statement - many people struggle to come to terms with it. People do not like waiting. We tend to want the things we want - right now! 

And although that might not be such a bad thing; the price for getting what we want right away, might mean a way larger price tag in the future; for ‘debt’ can just be a way of delaying poverty. 

A couple of extra reps of a technique in class won’t make a difference over the short term - but over a year, five years, a decade - this habit will pay huge dividends. Saving a few dollars each week won’t make much of a difference over a month or even a year - but over twenty or thirty years (invested) it might mean the difference between being independently wealthy or on a government pension. 

Longevity counts for a lot. Over time, great things are accomplished. Read a book a week … do that for a decade or two … you gain knowledge.

We don’t even have to think in terms of ‘decades’ - we just need to develop habits and maintain them. We are all experts at cleaning our teeth, tying our shoelaces, drying ourselves after a shower - and we gave none of these things even much of our attention. Time took care of it for us.

This is my 1000th blog. I didn’t start out aiming to write 1000 blogs - I just acquitted a habit. Time went by. And here we are. 

Thanks for reading folks … I hope you have enjoyed some of my posts. I for one, have enjoyed writing them.
Bets respect

John Will


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